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Everyone has been faced with the challenge of finding the perfect baby gift.  Whether for a friend, family or your own child, you want a gift that is extra special, something that reflects your style and that will become a favorite of both mommy and baby.  While searching for just such a gift for her good friend's newborn twins, Alessandra Mayer, fouder and designer, hit upon a new idea for a business.  Alessandra's niece, Emma nicknamed, "Ambajam", had a beautiful handmade quilt that was given to her as a gift from "Aunt" Susan - a lifelong family friend.  Allesandra wanted to give the same sort of meaningful, yet useful gift to her friend's twins.  The twins deserved something extraordinary as their mother had complications during the pregnancy; it was a long fight to bring the babies into the world.  Working with Aunt Susan to give this traditional piece an updated look, Alessandra selected a variet of fabrics with circles and swirls, bright colors, whimsical patterns and irresistible softness.

Brigthening the everyday with a colorful collection of soft, cozy blankets & accessories for the young and young at heart!