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Magnificent Baby

"One afternoon, I was helping my sister feed my nephew Charlie. Charlie would not let me put his bib on him, no way - no how! I thought, what is the problem here? The bib is velcro, this shouldn't be hard! We finally got it on him, fed him and when I took the bib off, I saw a patch of his little red hair stuck in the velcro. Ouch! Velcro hurts! I thought there has to be a better way... that day Magnificent Baby was born."

Magnificent Baby, based in New York City, was started by two Emory University college pals, Lauren & Lawrence. Lauren, a former commercial real estate analyst, is the right brain of the group while Lawrence, the ivy-league-trained attorney, is the left.

When we found Magnificent Baby, our first thought was, "Where were these products when our kids were little?"  We remember fumbling around in the dark in the wee hours of the night fighting to get sleepers back on, and onsies zipped without waking our babies...boy, would these products have been useful back then!

We hope you enjoy their products and see how easy changing time can be.