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Miriam Merenfeld

Miriam Merenfeld was born in Venezuela to an architect and a painter.  Over the years, Miriam has been inspired by the arts, architecture, different cultures and their landscape. She graduated from The Pratt Institute and now fully dedicated to designing her own line of jewelry. As an architect her jewelry collections have a strong understanding of design, symbolism and a deep sense of aesthetics. Miriam's designs are imbued with a love for symbolic message and spirituality.  Her monogrammed jewelry weaves together the diversity and the individuality that we find in our culture today, incorporating hints of the past and the dreams of the future.

We were so excited when we found Miriam Merenfeld!  Each of her pieces are stunning and individual to the buyer and the recipient.  Available in gold or silver, script or block font, necklaces and bracelets; you will have a hard time deciding which piece is perfect!