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Soundview Millworks

At Orange and Pear, we love unique, handcrafted gifts and we especially love them when they are made locally! Grant Tankoos, owner of Soundview Millworks designs and creates these gorgeous cheese boards right around the corner from us in Darien, CT with a small team of artisans in his backyard studio.  They start with the finest maple and santos mahogany, both known for their durability and tight grain pattern. Once the blank is created and assembled by hand, it is dampened slightly with fresh water to raise the grain. After the grain is raised, the boards are sanded by hand and coated with 100% natural tung oil, a natural oil which hardens in the pores of the wood to provide a durable and stain resistant cutting surface. When the board is dry, it is hand rubbed with 2 coats of a mineral oil and and beeswax combination to create a sealed and smooth finish. We think these make beautiful and useful gifts- great for engagements, weddings, housewarming, birthdays, bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts and to commemorate an event.