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Waylande Gregory

After the discovery of an immense treasure trove of work in the basement of the Gregory Estates Philanthropic Foundation, Waylande Gregory Studios was founded by Gregory's great-grand nephew Bryan Downey
and fashion entrepreneur Mickey Rosarin. Waylande Gregory Studios creates decorative porcelains and ceramics designed by one of the
greatest modernist of the 20th century.From large-scale commissions for the Works Progress Administration and 1939 World’s Fair to delicate porcelains and ceramics, Waylande Gregory’s creations reflected the beauty and simplicity of his mid-western upbringing while pushing the technical boundaries of craftsmanship. Beginning with his early life as a child prodigy, he was constantly striving for perfection. He invented and patented firing and glazing techniques that revolutionized the world of sculpture and would later be used by NASA to put man on the moon. His works, both the grand and the intimate, have been exhibited in over 170 shows in 11 countries, including the New York Metropolitan, Smithsonian and Whitney museums. Designed, glazed and sculpted using the vast library of Waylande Gregory's work. Each piece is produced by trained artisans in Peru according to the highest standards. Hand crafted from high-fired porcelain and stoneware using rich matte glazes, 22k gold and platinum. Waylande Gregory pieces resonate beauty, simplicity and perfection.

We are so thrilled to be selling this collection. We love the bold designs, the rich colors, the gold and silver accents and the look that is both retro, glamorous and timeless all at the same time. We feel that they make perfect gifts for that special person. These are collectors pieces that you will cherish for years to come.