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Cody Foster

It was the grandmother, Isa Foster that helped Cody learn craft making.  The company started with holiday ornaments and the help of Cody's mom, the company started while Cody was in high school.  One thing led to another and before they knew it, they were wholesaling to retailers around the US and now in several foreign countries.

Cody Foster & Company has been a booming business over the years and still remains a small, family run business and loves their small-town roots.  They are located in Valentine, NE, a rustic "frontier" town in the lovely Sand Hills region of north-central Nebraska.  The population is under 3,000 and was voted one of the country's top ten wilderness locations by National Geographic's "Adventure" magazine in 2007.

They got started designing holiday ornaments and now produce mane lines and collections of home decor items.  Inspirations are drawn from many sources but mostly from offbeat vintage pieces and unconventional antiques.  Almost all their items are hand made, using honest materials and finishes.  Their products are meant to be joyful additional to the home that over time become family collectibles and are passed down to the next generation.