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When a stylist and a cartographer fall in love and get married, what do they make (besides babies)?  In the case of Brooklyn couple Rachel Rheingold and Michael Berick, they create Maptote, a line of products decorated with maps of locales both domestic and exotic.  At Maptote, Rachel and Michael get asked the same questions over and over again. Below is a Q & A that will help you better understand them, their brand and the process that goes into making a Maptote.

In 2006, they went on vacation to Germany where they noticed grocery stores were selling simple cotton reusable tote bags.  All the cities they went to had their own totes, so they purchased several and brought them back as souvenirs for their friends.  Everyone loved them and so did they, but they  wanted a tote for their city – Brooklyn. They had been toying around with the idea of starting their own company, but weren't sure what it would be. Then this Brooklyn tote idea came into play, and voila - Maptote was born!

They personally source all their fabric.  All totes are made with US cotton. The fabric is cut, sewn and printed in Brooklyn, NY. They love visiting their factories so that they can watch their products being made and know exactly who is making them.  They’re very hands on with the entire process even though it makes them crazy sometimes.  It gives them a real connection to their products.